Welcome to my shop, I am the notorious Capstatian DeFleurn. Never heard of me? Of course you haven’t, I have sold my own story filled with adventures and peril to another scholar. One that is practically a household name! Which great scholar do I speak of? Well, that is the greatest part of my business services; secrecy.

Would you like to start adventuring but your lack of experience doesn’t yield you any work? Or would you like to increase your lore to gain more coin for each quest? Maybe you want to be seen as a great lover? Do you have problems with bandits, and want to become more feared? This is where I come in!

I am a master of disguises and hiding in plain sight! I follow adventurers around and document their great triumphs, collect evidence, and most importantly confirm their deaths. That is where you come along, once an adventurer is slain, their story is now on the market for sale, and you can now engulf yourself in their story, for a price of course!

Have all the glory of adventuring from the comfort of the local Inn!

Players Are Stupid

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