Players Are Stupid

I Challenge Thee, to Thine Duel


Peldu was very close to leveling up and gaining new abilities. Instead of finding a couple of rodents to farm, he challenged Cavanaugh (who was also close to leveling) to a duel. The both agreed to the terms and the fight ensued! Cavanaugh made some distance between himself and Peldu and proceeded to kite him around like Benjamin Franklin, throwing his bangerang with great precision. Peldu didn’t want to throw his only ranged weapon, Britney, until of course he did, after not being able to hit the bard-monk. He uttered, “You drive me crazy”. He hit the monk for good damage, but that was all he had. Instead of running up, picking back up his trusty spear, and continuing to throw the thing (rinse and repeat), he gave up on the range game and just kept running after the sly opponent like a chicken with its head cut off.

Finally, Cavanaugh missed with the bangerang which caused it to go off into the distance… Now a HONEY BADGER was in the mix! Popping out of its hole, causing ½ a damage to Peldu, then back to burrowing underground. This continued round after round. Peldu would get close enough to the bard-monk, but was left without action in order to attack. Then it happened again… the bangerang missed again, and again went off into the distance. But this time a GIANT SNAKE (snake, oh, it’s a snake) came into the mix, spitting poison at Peldu! It was a little sad that the snake’s acid damage was producing more pain to the barbarian than Cavanaugh had done with his bangerang.

Finally Peldu could stands it no more and started to attack the snake. They went toe to toe for a couple of rounds, and soon it met its end. Annabelle cheered and gave advice as to what each of them “should” be doing. Many times they took a moment to check the rules on duels, just to make sure someone wasn’t “cheating”. Back to running around after Cavanaugh was the most logical solution for Peldu. It was like watching Benny Hill, but in slow motion and without the TNA. (In other words, a total waste of time.) Peldu couldn’t really catch the bard-monk, but every 3rd turn he would get close enough for one stab, then it would be back to chasing-town. (If only he looted the dryad instead of the spider, and got its enchanted bow).

Then one last miss from the bangerang brought about a very slow MUSHROOM to the mix! But before it could do anything cool, Cavanugh cast a sleep spell causing Peldu to slink down on the floor and proceed to suckle on his thumb (awww). He did look cute, but not cute enough to stop Cavanaugh from slitting his throat!!! Don’t worry guys, he healed the sleeping-dead friend afterward and they both had a laugh, and a level. The real reward was all the bragging rights that Cavanaugh had and vowed to remind Peldu on a daily basis or, “God shall punish me if I shall forget!”



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