Players Are Stupid

Day 1

The party set off on a slow pace as if they weren’t fleeing for their lives. It felt like a long needed vacation. However, it was the first time many of them have ever been on such a vessel. Tim the apprentice was particularly having a hard time with the,”boat going up, boat going down”, as he put it. The Captain Morris, explained that under the extreme departing circumstances he was only able to acquire a crew of 5 – half of what is needed. He gave the party the option to either help out with the shifts (that would allow the Filthy Maiden to soar 24 hours a day) or to rest (which would get the party to Balder’s Gate in about 10 days). They all agreed to help, The crew had the first shift and the party had the night shift, but everyone would meet in the morning for a trust circle to discuss their “feelings”.

Groll Stormhand was not part of the “to crew, or not to crew” discussion as he was paying handsomely for his escort. He found his way to his private cabin and hoped to stay there until their arrival in Baulder’s Gate.

The party started their shift at dusk. Tim the apprentice spent his shift throwing up all his food and then some (it’s OK he has reserves). The cleric of Umberlee manned the wheel, which was tied to make sure they stayed the course. The barbarian washed, cleaned, painted and de-ratted the deck. The bard took starboard lookout, which proved quite boring. So, being unreliable and all, he instead went back to the barracks and took an empty cot next to another crewman. Cavanaugh the bard tried to wake up before any of the other crew, to hide his incompetence. Unfortunately, one of the crewmen awoke in the middle of the night and knew his secret.

At the morning chow/team meeting, one of the crewmen accused the bard of sleeping through his shift. The trust circle started heating up like a liar’s square! Peldu the barbarian thought he would defuse this angry mob by throwing his metal food tray at them. This only escalated things. It seemed as if a full-on mutiny was about to burst out. C. Morris tried to reason with the crew but to no avail. The cleric of Umberlee gripped his mace tightly while still eating his well deserved meal, but ready for his after breakfast workout. Finally the bard promised never to do such an act again while providing each crew member 1 gold piece. They lined up and happily received their bonus. Even C. Morris lined up and got his share! Tim the apprentice did use his wet, throw-up hand to give out the bribe. Yet again, the party bribed their way out of a situation, but the bag of 100 gold was starting to look like a bag of 50 gold.

Day 2
The party woke up from their shifts feeling extremely sea sick. Except the bard. Maybe it was his (16 hours of rest). The bard kept to his word and did work his shift.



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