Players Are Stupid

More Murder, More Lies, More Deception, More Bribery and Yes Flautery!

Part 3

After exactly one hour of rest, the party felt as if they could cast spells and use attacks again that were otherwise exhausted!

They went out to the Smiling Siren theater and to their surprise the box office was closed down (the show was nearly over at this point). The only option seemed to split the party. Annabelle the rogue climbed up the front of the building like a cat, to find a simple latched window. Without even trying, the window fell open. The rest of the party went around to the back of the theater where the bard knew the talent’s entrance would be.

Both Cavanaugh the bard and Tim the apprentice put on disguises found in their bag-o-tricks. Peldu the barbarian however felt that as a tiefling his face was already like a disguise. They knocked on the door and, after a horrible scuffling sound, a peek hole slider opened quickly. Two dark eyes peered out like daggers. The bard explained that they are part of the show and excused himself for being late. One or two good bluffs later, the door flew open and standing in front of them was a 7-foot-tall orc, or a 5 foot human in costume and stilts, no one knew for sure.

He rushed the party inside, except for Urth the cleric of Umberlee who was not interested in dressing up and playing make believe, so he waited outside. The apprentice was very excited to see the backstage of an illusion show. From this perspective, they shortly realized that there was no “real” magic in the house; all smoke and mirrors. Cast and crew were far to busy to notice them standing still like statues. Before they knew it, someone was putting makeup on their disguises and they were on the stage staring blankly at more than 500 eager audience members.

The apprentice wanted to impress and gain their acceptance oh so much, that he cast a REAL illusion of his own. It depicted a dancing hippo-pota-griff! They cheered in amazement. The bard also got caught up in the show and starting to play a fitting song to go with the illusion. The rest of the cast were quite confused. There were hushed whispers of SOMEONE going “off script”.

During this distraction Annabelle the rogue was casing the joint, and quite luckily found the private box seats of the Duke’s daughter Priscilla. Her guards were off getting her a beverage at the moment and finding her alone was also a rarity. The rogue took this fortunate moment and carefully lifted an incredibly large and ornate garnet gem off her robes without her noticing. Priscilla was quite famous for parading around town, and that garnet was even more famous as the holy grail for pickpockets.

Back on stage Cavanaugh the bard detected magic, in hopes of finding Mr. Waldorf — seeing as he was a wizard and all. A large box with a target on it began to glow deep purple indicating that magic was clearly inside. After pointing at the box, the bard was soon met with a stage assistant who presented him with a cart holding 4 short swords (two were fake but he didn’t inspect them close enough). The assistant awaited the theatrics, but instead the bard threw one of the short swords at the bulls-eye and was only off course by one ring! “What a throw,” the crowd roared (it was not a fake one). The bard then noticed a good amount of blood protruding from the hole the sword had made. But the crowd’s excitement got the better of him. “They love me!” he thought to himself as he reached for another sword. This time he threw it even harder and even MORE accurately! The blade soared, cutting through the air making a high octave C note as it flew (which the bard enjoyed immensely) and hit exactly in the middle of the bulls-eye! No one had ever seen anything like it, nor had the bard. No tricks, no magic, just pure talent fueled by admiration!

The bard’s euphoria was short lived as the box’s sides collapsed to reveal Mr. Waldorf the wizard with 2 beautifully thrown swords sticking out of his chest. The theater fell silent for what felt like an eternity, until one spectator uttered “man, that is a lot of blood”, not a second before the curtain closed on the gruesome act.

The apprentice was torn, on one hand his master was bleeding out before his very eyes. The same man who saved him from a life of potatoes and other starchy foods — a plain existence with a probably plain wife. He gave him so much, taught him wondrous spells that have proven useful and even saved his life against the fight with the evil dwarves. Waldorf gave him gold and literally the clothes off his back! The apprentice knew this was his chance to return the favor and save his Master’s life, that was clear… “But on the other hand he was rude to me at the bar when he thew his cloak at me like I was his laundry hamper. Fuck it, we bounce!” the bard decided.

The party fled out the back door signaling for the cleric of Umberlee to follow suit. The dangerous looking cast members were quick to follow (carrying their non-sharpened stage weapons)!



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