Leader of the La Gioia Del Sesso Cult


Devon doesn’t partake in any of the rituals in the sex cult, but he does like to watch. He has installed small crystal ball bearings inside every room that he called “cams”. Inside these “cams” he uses a larger crystal ball to observe all the happenings inside the walls of his cult.
Running a demon-producing sex ring is a lot of work and Devon is always without a moment to spare.


Devon was once a human searching the underdark for rare gems to later sell surface side. One day he was captured by La Gioia Del Sesso cult run by an elvish madman. He was tortured and starved until the day where he had to fight a large serpent in the arena for his own survival. He lost the match due to his weakened state and they cut off his head with a purple dagger. They did the same to the serpent, The dagger had magical properties that kept him alive even though he was decapitated! They then swapped the heads around and with another swipe of the dagger he had the head of a snake and now had its very thoughts and desires along with his own.

He resisted their rituals and managed to murder the elven madman and Devon has been running the sex ring ever since!


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