Malik Urnet

A mid level theif and beggar.


AC 13 HP: 40
STR 15 DEX 17 CON 13 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 9


Malik is a street urchin of the city of Waterdeep. His earliest memory was being disciplined by an orphanage matron. After that incident he fled and found himself living on the street, until he was taken in by the notorious beggars guild “The Coin Collective”. Each member of the collective begs, robs, and steals for the good of the guild. In return, each member is provided with food, shelter and sometimes arms. If a member of the collective is found with a “greedy heart” by withholding items from the group, they are stoned to death with coins from guild safe. This cleansing is called “winning the lottery”.

Malik Urnet

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