Maskar Waldorf

Mr. Waldorf is a mage with many talents and ties to the touring band of illusionists "The Laughing Castle"


STR 10 DEX 11 CON 15 INT 18 WIS 13 CHA 10
AC 12 (15 with mage armor)

HP 55


Mr. Waldorf is a nomadic mage who spends his days finding lost souls and taking them on as his apprentices. This is his moral loophole to get around the guilt of owning a slave. Once his apprentices are able to cast some basic spells he puts them through a secret trial to test their ability to survive on their own. Most of these trials involve a sink or swim situation that forces them to either save his life, or flee back to the lands in which he found them. Those who have succeeded and passed his trial, ended up being fine adventures due to his teachings.

Mr. Waldorf is always said to be nearby when The Laughing Castle is in town.

Maskar Waldorf

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