Borni Strabuckle

The main bouncer for The Underdark Tavern in Waterdeep


Borni, spends 4 out of every 5 days working on his physical appearance. Being thick headed, it is really his only asset. He is a member of a workout club called “Lift Brigade”, but being a group of half-wits they unknowingly spell it “Lift Burgayed”. Most of the members are so muscular that they need a hired page to help them get dressed each day. Borni looks the part of a heroic adventurer, but he rejects the concept of fighting above all else because of his fear of tearing a precious muscle (which would be a major setback to his lifting lifestyle).

His looks do profit him often in the women department, as it is hard to resist such charm and girth. He is easily bribed, as taking women out on dates drains most of his resources.

Borni Strabuckle

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