Priscilla Baum

The Duke's daughter and only heir.


After the tragedy that turned her father to stone, Priscilla now is in charge of her father’s fortune and power. Priscilla has a lot of influence over the lords of Waterdeep due to her hefty donations and striking beauty. The Baums are not native of Waterdeep although Priscilla’s father did serve the title of “Duke”, but it is unknown to which exactly lands the Baum monarchy resides. Being a long resident of Waterdeep, some commoners mistakenly believe that the Baum house rules the city. This mistake is due to Priscilla’s daily parades throughout the city showing off her wealth and generosity towards the poor.

Priscilla has her own personal guards that she recruited from the best of the city guards. They are known as “The Strikers” and seem to be exempt from the traditional rules of Waterdeep.

Priscilla wears a large garnet on her robes that is said to be worth unspeakable amounts of wealth and shares her name “The Priscilla stone”.

Priscilla Baum

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